Carlos Ferruz

Carlos Ferruz

Meet our coworkers- Carlos Ferruz

One day he came to see our space; he’d found it on-line. He congratulated me for having positioned it so well. (Thanks Milimetric J). Recently arrived from Chile, he’d gone round the city looking for coworking places and
decided on Felisa CoWork, yay! And that is how we got our first coworker, now there are 7.

If you ask Carlos, he’ll tell you that he’s working on “big projects”, that means that he’s working on lots of different projects. At a breakfast the other day, he confessed that he is a born entrepreneur, he starts projects and when they’re up and running, he changes and moves on to a new one.

Carlos is the perfect coworker. He’s respectful, treats the space as if it were his own, shares his knowledge with us and, on top of that, is always smiling. We love having him here!


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