How do you decide to set up your own business? 5 tips to help you decide

Hands up who hasn’t imagined having their own business. I used to day dream about it; but it was more of a distant, far-off dream, rather than “I’d like to do this” kind of a dream. The many occasions I actually began to think about going it alone, I’d think:

  • I don’t have the super powers to do it
  • I don’t have any money
  • I’m not American, and I wasn’t brought up in the “You can do it!” environment

Kate Moss blogAnd let’s be honest, doing things we’ve never done before and that we don’t know how to do is sometimes difficult and causes us a lot of fear. In coaching, we call this “leaving one’s comfort zone”. It’s so scary!

I have learned a lot through this fascinating new business experience, and I want to share some tricks with you, to help you to when considering this option, just in case your interest has already been piqued.

What helped me to launch into being an entrepreneur was:


  1. The environment: If others can, then what’s stopping me? There are models all around me, not models like Kate Moss, rather role models, the kind who have really influenced me. For instance, my sister began her own consultancy, doing what she was already doing, but better. My friends Ana from La Coquetería and Inma from l’Angolino. Each one drawing off their own business experience, in their own way, but each truly passionate and 100% committed. Seeing what they did and knowing them like I do made be begin to think I could perhaps do it myself.
  1. Don’t settle: I no longer settle for doing things that I really don’t want to do. Thanks to Coaching, for years now, I have become more aware of what works for me and what I feel happy doing or not doing. I had an idea, an idea that I came up with; I couldn’t wait to see if anyone would take on the idea I had imagined…It was my moment to do it myself. It was my time to go it alone!
  1. I said it out loud! You would never imagine all the conversations and even more conversations I had about my idea with those all around me. In Coaching this is a technique that helps firm up your own commitment to yourself. The more you talk about it, the more real it becomes. And when you first put pen to paper, it becomes even more so!
  2. I looked for help. I sought out people who believed in my idea and who were as passionate about my idea as I was. I involved them in many aspects. I asked for their advice, their help. I shared and continue to share my joy with them. All this made me feel like I was part of a team with the desire to achieve our goal. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to people when they want to help you or give you advice about what to avoid or about how hard it’s going to be. Your inner-saboteur does this for you anyway, and well, at least in my case, there was no need to give it a further helping hand.
  1. Enjoy it! I know it’s a cliché, but if you’re going to get involved in all this craziness then you should. Doing something like this that you need to invest your time, energy and money in, you should at least enjoy the ride! The first steps give your project its basic shape. This is one of the coolest stages as you go from dreaming and imagining everything you can create. From here on in, you’ll have the bug even more!

And this little step led to greater steps, which in turn led to me creating this project and bringing it to life. Now it’s been a month since we opened our doors. There are seven coworkers in the space and if you would like to know more about them or the project, you can follow us here.


And all you entrepreneurs, I know there are a few of you out there, what helped you to finally launch your idea?

Share it here and help those who still haven’t dared to take the leap.


Foto: Louise McLaren

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