Development and coaching in Barcelona

At Felisa CoWork, one of the services we offer is the development of our coworkers, through competency development programmes and/or individual coaching sessions.

This is a service that is also available for people who are not members of the coworking space, but are interested in working on their skills, improving their abilities, overcoming blockages, shaping their leadership style or simply continuing their personal or professional development in an individual way. If you are one of these people, contact us and try one of our coaching sessions!

Some examples:

Coaching for entrepreneurs:

  • You want to identify, plan and achieve your goals
  • You want to have a greater presence and communicate better
  • You want to negotiate your deals better
  • You want to be more assertive
  • You want to focus more and be more disciplined
  • You want to have your own business and you don’t know how to make it happen

Personal Coaching:

  • You want to identify your personal or professional goals and achieve them
  • You want a change in your career or job
  • You want to make changes in your life
  • You want to feel secure and stable
  • You want to improve your self-knowledge
  • You want to improve your quality of life and work towards this

Leadership Coaching:

  • You want to develop your skills set and be even more effective
  • You want to feel even more efficient in your time management and task organisation
  • You want to be a recognised leader
  • You want to develop your emotional intelligence
  • You want to motivate your team better

Coaching normally entails between 8 and 12 sessions, 1 hour each. They can be face-to- face in Barcelona, or by phone/Skype for people outside Barcelona. They will be scheduled regularly, depending on availability and timelines for objectives, which will be set out in the first session. Contact us to try a session!


At FelisaCoWork we guide our coworkers through the creative and developmental processes of their projects and services, as far as they feel they require it. We share our resources, information and techniques in group and individual sessions.


They are organized for special purposes or the needs of our coworkers or the market. We work with professionals of different disciplines who share their experience in an interactive setting, allowing for reflection and the learning of new skills. Our coworkers get a 15% discount.

I want to invest in my development!