About us


Felisa CoWork

Felisa Cowork came out of a personal project by its founder Angela Porcel. The aim was to create a workspace that promotes creativity, idea sharing and the establishment of connections. This is a great place, with a welcoming atmosphere, promoting individuals’ well-being and supporting them where needed.

It’s our aim to develop further and continue with the dynamism we have already begun to see. We’re doing this by building connections and sharing, creating links and synergies between all our coworkers.

We strive for sustainability for our environment through good practices and habits, every day. We invite others to create and share with us!


These are our values


  • Connecting: We believe in building and establishing relationships and bringing together our coworkers. This also stretches to the resources and knowledge that we bring from outside Felisa CoWork.
  • Adaptability: We are flexible and adapt to the needs of our coworkers.
  • Quality: Our Barcelona-based coworking offers the best quality possible, through our resources, the comfort of our furniture, the efficiency of our technology, etc.
  • Environmentally aware: In Felisa CoWork we are respect the environment and are committed to preserving it. For this reason, we have designed our coworking space and its activities to meet key sustainability criteria.


  • Cooperation: We encourage cooperation among our coworkers, and it is also one of our main objectives. We aim to contribute to and facilitate success through the exchange of ideas, knowledge, resources, etc.
  • Sharing: We believe that if our coworkers share their challenges, ideas, resources and even projects, the connections and environment that will be created will encourage even more creativity and will produce better results from the work itself.
  • Positive attitude: We believe in viewing reality with a positive attitude, allowing us to move forward and to gain benefits.


  • Courage/motivation: In our coworking space in Barcelona we develop a productive and energetic atmosphere, which allows us to enjoy our work even more.
  • Continuous learning: We focus on looking for and sharing information and knowledge, helping to solve any problems that might arise. At the same time, we also keep up-to-date with market trends, so we’re always fully informed.
  • Personal and professional development: At Felisa CoWork we help our coworkers to reach their full potential, either through the fulfilment of their professional goals or through their personal development.
  • Authenticity: We encourage a coworking space that builds courage, freedom and coherence, as well as gaining the acceptance and respect of others.

Our name

Angela tells us: “Felisa CoWork is named in honour of my Grandma. Felisa went all the way to the south, to Cádiz, where she not only raised 4 beautiful babies; she was also an executive at an important and well-known publishing company.

Felisa was a brave woman, she also dared to go it alone and she opened a beautiful library that she carefully ran.

In the 1970s, before she left us, she was an entrepreneurial woman, mother and professional. She was a daring woman throughout her whole life.

All of this inspired us and we decided to make a little tribute to her by calling our coworking facility “Felisa”.

Felisa Cowork
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